How to Create a Paid Support Form Using Gravity Forms and Stripe

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I recently made the difficult decision of starting to charge for support. I was inspired by the SchoolPresser site, which uses Gravity Forms and Stripe to create their support form. The end goal of this tutorial is to show you how Gravity Forms and Stripe can work together to create a form that charges for your services up-front.

The end result should resemble my support form and the one on SchoolPressers‘.

Setting up Stripe With Gravity Forms

If you don’t already have a Stripe account, you will need one for this tutorial. I will not go over setting up your Stripe account. That requires an EIN, bank account information, and other business details such as your business address, location, etc.

To set up Stripe with Gravity Forms, you need to have the Stripe Add-on for Gravity Forms, which requires an Elite License.

With Gravity Forms activated, as well as the Stripe add-on activated, you should be able to go to Forms->Settings and see a Stripe option.

Gravity Forms Settings
Gravity Forms Settings Menu

Setting up Stripe requires a bit of setup. For example, your site needs to have SSL enabled. You also need to set up Gravity Forms webhooks and connect to your Stripe account using Gravity Forms.

Here is what my screen looks like with Stripe set up properly.

Gravity Forms Stripe Options

Setting up the Gravity Form

Create a new form. Ask for general information such as first name, last name, e-mail address, website address, and a message box (why the user needs support).

Next, let’s set up a Product field. I made mine a dropdown. My hourly rate usually star