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Ronald Huereca

Ronald Huereca is a WordPress developer with an eye for detail. His opinionated take on topics has made him well-known (and possibly disliked) in certain WordPress circles.

He likes writing developer tutorials, finding humor on mundane and controversial topics, and loves coding in his spare time.


MediaRon’s primary goal in business is to create easy-to-use WordPress Plugins and provide consulting services.


We have been in the WordPress game since 2006 and have a lot of experience to share. Pain and gain.

Plugin Development

Have an idea for a WordPress plugin? We can help you build it.

Copywriting and tutorials

In addition to the several books we have created, we also write articles and popular tutorials on this and some other sites.

Opinions 😀

We have long ago burned the bridges that needed to be burned. As a result, we have a bit of freedom when it comes to our take on things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, the MediaRon domain wasn’t taken and I just went with it. I also liked the name because Media is fairly open-ended and most people call me Ron (although I prefer Ronald).

MediaRon was founded in 2011 with the goal of:

  • Mental Illness Awareness
  • Publishing
  • Promoting the Arts (writing, singing, dancing)
  • WordPress Plugin creation
  • WordPress Theme creation
  • Consulting
  • Freelance Services

MediaRon has tried to enter several arenas including:

  • Publishing three books
  • Releasing several WordPress Plugins
  • Freelancing
  • General WordPress development

We have yet to hit the “home run”, but we are constantly trying to push the envelope.

Not all areas have worked out. We (MediaRon) believe in failing, and failing quickly. Sometimes this philosophy works out. Other times, we get stuck in a market we can’t gracefully exit out from. An example of this is Vapor Modules for Beaver Builder.

We also tried to enter the presentation market, but that too didn’t work out.

We tried capitalizing on our popular User Profile Picture plugin (50,000+ installs as of this writing). We extended it with social networks, author boxes, and basic directory functionality. This didn’t work out either. User Profile Picture is now owned by CozmosLabs.

MediaRon practically owns the WordPress Comment Editing market. We attempted to monetize it with Simple Comment Editing Options. That is doing okay, but SCE has 3,000 installs and it’s not growing, so this again is likely too niche of a market where more and more sites are simply disabling comments.

We had great success with Easy Updates Manager. We took over the plugin at 10,000 installs, re-branded it, and got it up to 100,000 installs before UpdraftPlus decided to buy the plugin. In hindsight, it would have been better to maintain ownership of the plugin, however Updraft is doing their best. Again, this is a good market to be in, but it’s not making as nearly enough money as it should.

Finally, there are some positive outcomes. We have a decently popular plugin with Metronet Tag Manager. We have a completely free Reorder Suite, which is kinda a big 🖕to complicated and expensive Reorder Plugins. We also have Highlight and Share, which people seem to love.

The great people and team behind Paid Memberships Pro have contracted out a role as Technical Support Engineer to us (me, Ronald Huereca).

  • wpandajax.com
  • mediaron.com
  • ronalfy.com
  • ronaldhuereca.com
  • emailforfile.com
  • autoupdates.io

Keep failing, and keep failing hard. Every now and then there’s a great success. I’ve learned the hard way to keep building on those successes and to stop taking the easy way out (selling the plugin/service).

We’d also like to get more into consulting, and tutorial writing on this site. And we LOVE WordPress drama!

Please get in touch below.

Ronald Huereca
MediaRon - Ronald Huereca

Ronald created MediaRon in 2011 and has more than fifteen years of releasing free and paid WordPress plugins.

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