Purchase a Support Package for $35.99 a Year

This site and maintenance of the various plugins and tutorials require some up-keep. Please help MediaRon LLC with a purchase of a yearly support package.

Disclaimer: this is not a generic support package. A support package from MediaRon comes with several plugins, one book, email-based support, and one 30-minute Zoom call per year. At this time, we only support MediaRon plugins and services.

  • If you wish to be contacted by phone
  • Use the website field to point to a place where I can leave test submissions.

What Comes With a Support Package?

What else do you get?

Twitter-based Support

Just @mediaronllc and we’ll be in touch.

Support Plugin Development

Help financially support development of your favorite products.

Email Based Support

I will provide email-based support to those who purchase a package.

Support Our Articles

We try to write useful articles and tutorials. These are for you too!

Any additional questions? Send me an email at ronald@mediaron.com.