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These plugins are updated and maintained by Ronald Huereca, DBA MediaRon LLC, @ronalfy on .org.


AlertsDLX is a free WordPress plugin for creating alerts and notifications using the Block Editor. It supports Bootstrap, Chakra, and Material alerts.

Quick Links: docs, demo, .org, support

Comment Edit Pro

An add-on to Simple Comment Editing, this Pro version enables comment logging, reCAPTCHA 3, Mailchimp, comment character control, front-end editing, and lots more.

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Custom Query Blocks

Custom Query Blocks provides three custom query blocks, one for post types, one for terms, and one for posts within a term. It also provides archive features for post-type archives.

Quick Links: .org, github, support

Highlight and Share

Highlight and Share is a free WordPress plugin that shows sharing options when a user highlights text on your site. The plugin also has a Click to Share block.

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Plugin Info Card

Show off WordPress plugins and themes in style. Choose from over a dozen themes and 4 layouts. The plugin is block editor ready.

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QuotesDLX is a beautiful quotes block, with several quote themes, Click to Tweet functionality, and advanced and easy-to-use block options.

Quick Links: docs, .pricing, demo, support

Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to edit and fix their own comments for a fixed period of time. There’s also a pro add-on that adds many more features.

Quick Links: docs, .org, support

Tazker – Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms

Tazker is an integration between Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms. It helps automate task creation. It has an intuitive setup wizard which walks you through the connection process.

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MediaRon - Ronald Huereca

Ronald created MediaRon in 2011 and has more than fifteen years of releasing free and paid WordPress plugins.

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