Custom Post Types Block — A Brief History

Posted by Ronald Huereca / August 25, 2019 /

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Custom Post Types Block was originally called Post Type Archive Mapping. It’s what the plugin did when it was forked from BigWing’s interpretation. Chris Logan, my co-worker at the time, had this phenomenal idea:

Why not create a plugin that maps a post type archive to a page? Like, in Settings->Reading, you can select a post type to map to a page just like you can already on that page.

Chris Logan

Chris was right. This would be an easy situation to handle. So we wrote it together. Then he asked me to release it on I was cautious as there’s one thing to release something internally rather than for the masses.

Since we were going to be taking over the archive pages, there needed to be a way to get those custom post types into the content of WordPress.

Atomic Blocks had something very similar in their recent posts block, but it was limited to just posts. So I wrote a custom block based on it to allow you to select based on post type, taxonomy, and term.

Once the block was finished, I released the completed plugin to .org.

While some use the mapping feature, it was determined that most people used the plugin for the block. While it takes forever to load and has customizable bloat, the block is solid and very configurable from the examples I’ve seen.

The plugin itself is highly rated, with many calls for more exposure, and is successfully used in the wild on over a hundred sites.

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