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Highlight and Share 3.2 Released With Inline Highlighting

By Ronald Huereca | February 16, 2020

Highlight and Share has always been your go-to-highlighter plugin and it just got more powerful.

In addition to the Gutenberg block shown below, Highlight and Share makes it easy to highlight text and share it, or click and share a Gutenberg block, and now it supports inline highlighting.… Continue Reading...

Gutenberg Block Preview Pane

How to Enable Gutenberg Block Previews

By Ronald Huereca | January 30, 2020

Block previews are an elusive pain-point and something I found hard to search for. As a result, this tutorial will show you how to create block previews for your block. The goal is to have an image or some block content show up when hovering over your block when adding it.… Continue Reading...

WP Presenter Pro

A History of WP Presenter Pro

By Ronald Huereca | January 4, 2020

WP Presenter began as a theme created by Chris Wiegman and others. I forget where he asked… perhaps it was Twitter or Facebook. But he wanted to transfer the development of the theme over to someone who could take it over and modernize it.… Continue Reading...


User Profile Picture Enhanced Has Been Discontinued

By Ronald Huereca | December 7, 2019
User Profile Picture Enhanced

It is with great regret that we announce that User Profile Picture Enhanced has been discontinued. The source code for the plugin has always been public, so you can technically still download and install it, but support and purchases have been disabled for the add-on.… Continue Reading...


How to Create a Paid Support Form Using Gravity Forms and Stripe

By Ronald Huereca | December 1, 2019

I recently made the difficult decision of starting to charge for support. I was inspired by the SchoolPresser site, which uses Gravity Forms and Stripe to create their support form. The end goal of this tutorial is to show you how Gravity Forms and Stripe can work together to create a form that charges for your services up-front.… Continue Reading...

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