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Announcing User Profile Picture Enhanced

By Ronald Huereca | July 7, 2019
User Profile Picture EnhancedUser Profile Picture Enhanced

Join the waiting list for this awesome add-on to the popular User Profile Picture (currently installed on and trusted by over 40,000 sites). Get early access to the code and be informed on status updates.

User Profile Picture Enhanced will have:

  • Social Networks (YES!).
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How to Create a Repeater Field in Gutenberg

By Ronald Huereca | July 6, 2019

Creating a repeater field for Gutenberg is tough. I tried following a tutorial on how to create a repeater field in Gutenberg, but it took a nose-dive into React and repeater creation to really get me what I really wanted to achieve.… Continue Reading...


How to Customize Jetpack Sharing Icons

By Ronald Huereca | June 30, 2019

Jetpack Sharing Icons are built into Jetpack and you can access the options by going to Settings->Sharing. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to customize the Jetpack Sharing icons to match your theme or style them however you desire.… Continue Reading...


How to Get Your Plugin Strings Translatable by Gutenberg

By Ronald Huereca | June 19, 2019

Getting your strings translated by Gutenberg isn’t the most straight forward process. You’ll need to make sure your compressed scripts keep the __ variable intact, so that can process your strings.

In this tutorial, I’ll be making use of Create Guten Block and WP CLI to demonstrate how to get translatable strings.… Continue Reading...

Browser Shots Banner

Browser Shots 1.7 Released With Gutenberg Support

By Ronald Huereca | June 9, 2019

The popular Browser Shots plugin, with 7,000+ installs, was just released with Gutenberg support.

Me, (MediaRon LLC) contacted Ben through his contact form to see if he would be open to adding a Gutenberg block to his plugin.… Continue Reading...

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