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SEO Framework - Honest Reviews

SEO Framework – WP Honest Reviews – 1st Episode

By Ronald Huereca | August 15, 2020

I finally got my aspect ratio right. I was asked on Twitter to do a review of the SEO Framework plugin. So here it is.

Some might ask why I’m doing this. I want to give .org plugins a little more visibility.… Continue Reading...

Username Changer – WP Honest Reviews – Pilot

By Ronald Huereca | August 13, 2020

So I had this idea to do honest reviews on free .org plugins. I’m not sure if this idea will take off or not, so I decided to create a “pilot” to see how it went. I do not have a “pro” set up or anything fancy like that.… Continue Reading...

Enable Auto-Updates on Flywheel on WordPress 5.5

By Ronald Huereca | August 11, 2020

WordPress 5.5 was released with auto-updates! Woot. Well, before you try your hand at update roulette with your favorite plugins, there are some hosts that do not allow them by default.

With Flywheel, the problem is with their cron process. I’ve been in the auto-update business a while, but I can still not explain why three specific cron processes must run “naturally” in order to trigger automatic updates in core.… Continue Reading...

Astra – What’s Behind the Drama?

By Ronald Huereca | August 8, 2020

So yesterday I posted what I thought would be one of my more controversial posts. I didn’t anticipate what I would wake up to this morning in regards to even worse WordPress drama. Let’s see if I can out-do myself.… Continue Reading...

Theatre District - New York City

Admin Notices – The Ugly Truth

By Ronald Huereca | August 7, 2020
Theatre District - New York City

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

TLDR: Admin notices are here to stay.

Yesterday I posted a simple tweet of a screenshot of the dashboard of my WordPress admin interface. Before we get started, I’m not really angry about it. I’m sitting here chillin’ with my best friend blasting the Spanish music she hates.… Continue Reading...

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