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Developer Diaries – WP Teams and Other Updates

By Ronald Huereca | April 24, 2020

WP Teams

I’m beginning an experiment, and I’m curious if others would be willing to pay for it.

You see, I’m developing a plugin that will allow you to have team pages on the front-end of your site. If you’d like an example use-case, please visit a teams page I coded ages ago, but is still extremely slick looking.… Continue Reading...

Photo of Blocks

Adding Icons for your Gutenberg Categories

By Ronald Huereca | April 24, 2020

For block collections, it’s useful to group your blocks into a category for organizational purposes. In this tutorial, I will. show you how to create a category for your blocks and how to add a custom SVG icon.

Gutenberg IconsGutenberg Category Icons

Adding the Category

Adding the category is pretty simple.… Continue Reading...

EDD Logo

Integrating Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Into Your Plugin

By Ronald Huereca | April 23, 2020

Easy Digital Downloads is a powerful way to allow your users to download products off of your site. I’ve already gone over how to configure software licensing for your WordPress plugin, but many users reported errors or could not figure how to set it up correctly in their plugin.… Continue Reading...

Custom Post Types Block

The Custom Post Types Block is Growing

By Ronald Huereca | April 14, 2020

The Custom Post Types Block for Gutenberg has come along way since its first iteration.

In the beginning…

In the beginning of the plugin, my co-worker Chris Logan said to me (paraphrasing): You know how in the WordPress settings, you can map a page to the blog archive and the homepage?… Continue Reading...

Simple Comment Editing

Have a Maximum and Minimum Character Count for Comments

By Ronald Huereca | April 6, 2020

You want comments. And you want quality comments. Perhaps a length meter will help you filter out the shorter comments and encourage a little more effort when leaving a comment.

With Simple Comment Editing, you already enhance your comment experience by allowing users to edit their comments.… Continue Reading...

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