Ronald Huereca

User Profile Image 1.5.5 Released

By Ronald Huereca | August 19, 2018

User Profile Image 1.5.5 has been released.

Details are in the YouTube video below:


  • Released 2018-08-19
  • Enhancement: Loading image now shows between states for better UX
  • Enhancement: Plugin attempts to override the default WordPress avatar in the User Profile page
  • Enhancement: Plugin attempts to override the admin bar avatars if the users match
  • Enhancement: Added Click to Edit bar to make it more obvious what to do with the profile picture
  • Refactor: Plugin now uses wp_send_json instead of json_encode for more compatibility
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Metronet Tag Manager Security Vulnerability

By Ronald Huereca | June 13, 2018

I was contacted by a security expert, who gave me time to visit the plugin and fix the vulnerability.

In the spirit of responsible disclosure, the vulnerability was released.

Since the vulnerability is published, I highly suggest updating to the latest of Metronet Tag Manager.… Continue Reading... is now here!

By Ronald Huereca | December 24, 2014

MediaRon LLC has been around since October of 2011. It’s about time we got a website!

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