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Posted by Ronald Huereca / April 6, 2020 /

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You want comments. And you want quality comments. Perhaps a length meter will help you filter out the shorter comments and encourage a little more effort when leaving a comment.

With Simple Comment Editing, you already enhance your comment experience by allowing users to edit their comments.

What if there was a way to extend your comment form to force a minimum and maximum character limit?

With the Add On for Simple Comment Editing (aptly named Simple Comment Editing Options), you can easily adjust the minimum and maximum character limit.

Minimum Comment Length
Simple Comment Editing Options Character Limits

Granted, Simple Comment Editing Options is a paid Add On to Simple Comment Editing, but you’re always welcome to browse the source and try it out yourself before buying a support package.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave test comments below to see how Simple Comment Editing and Simple Comment Editing Options work together.

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