Simple Comment Editing License Holders

Simple Comment Editing Options is now Comment Edit Pro

Simple Comment Editing Options Has Moved

I apologize for the confusion. It looks like I screwed this up. SCEOptions has not been acquired. MediaRon and DLXPlugins are the same company. It’s just a re-branding effort and I am really sorry about the confusion and inconvenience.

Existing users of Simple Comment Editing Options: please email me at or and I will update your subscription and send you a free license.

What is Comment Edit Pro? Comment Edit Pro is a name change. If you already have an SCE Options license, please email me and I’ll take care of you. I wanted to send out a mass email explaining the difference, but I could not in order to comply with spam laws.

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Ronald created MediaRon in 2011 and has more than fifteen years of releasing free and paid WordPress plugins.

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