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Simple Comment Editing Options allows for fine-tuning Simple Comment Editing including editing the timer and even comment logging all without the need to program or touch code.

Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing is a free plugin that is highly extensible and is currently installed on 3000+ sites.

The plugin is simple and is plug-and-play. It allows your users to edit their comments for a period of time.

Simple Comment Editing Options

I was always reluctant to add options to the core plugin in order to, well, keep it simple.

Due to SCE’s extensibility, I was able to create an add-on that has a lot of the options users were asking for that never made it in the base plugin.

Core Features

What is part of Simple Comment Editing Options

Easy to Use

Install. Configure as you like, and enjoy comment editing.

Store Comment Statistics

Store comments in the database. You can keep a history of comment edits, and even restore a previous edit.

Save Time

Let users take control of editing their content. Concentrate on what you’re good at.

Edit the Timer and Timer Format

Edit the timer to whatever format makes sense for your site.

Hide the Timer

Hide the timer, especially if you have long edit times.

Front-end Editing

If you are an admin, you can edit comments right from the front-end.

Theme Friendly

Adjust the button styles to match your theme.

Set a Minimum and Maximum Comment Length

Set a comment length that will encourage users to leave more meaningful comments.

Email Notifications

Receive an email notification each time a user edits their comment.

Disable Comment Deletion

Prevent users from deleting their own comments.

Translation Friendly

Edit just about any text you like that will be shown to the user.

Unlimited Comment Editing

Allow logged-in users the ability to edit their comments indefinitely.

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