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Posted by Ronald Huereca / August 13, 2020 /

So I had this idea to do honest reviews on free .org plugins. I’m not sure if this idea will take off or not, so I decided to create a “pilot” to see how it went. I do not have a “pro” set up or anything fancy like that. For the most part, they will be unedited and unscripted. I set a timer as each episode starts, and when it goes off, that’s my alert to wrap things up. If I can’t figure out the plugin in 30 minutes, then so be it.

For the first video, I forgot to set up my external monitor to HD resolution for recording. This was my oops. But since it is unscripted and unrehearsed, I decided to release it as-is. I’ll get better over time if people dig these kind of videos.

I have disabled comments/likes on the videos. I’d rather the conversation happen here or on Twitter (@ronalfy or @mediaronllc).

If you would like a .org plugin reviewed, even if it is your own, please leave a link in the comments and I’ll choose one a week. I will not accept payment for reviews at this time, but I am considering doing private zoom reviews if this by some miracle catches on.

If I do find a security flaw in the plugin, I will try to contact the author, and if that fails, contact the WordPress security team. I will not release a video if I find a security flaw until the author has an ample chance to patch the plugin. I’d expect the same if someone were to review one of my plugins.


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