Plugin Updates – WP Plugin Info Card, Highlight and Share, and User Profile Picture


Over the past weekend I worked on updating some of my free plugins on the WordPress repo. Here are the changes.

WP Plugin Info Card

I added a new Gutenberg block that allows for query parameters. I also fixed an error where the query wasn’t working properly. I also added a Reset button to the blocks so you can change the values after they are entered.

Plugin Info Card Query Gutenberg
WP Plugin Info Card Query Gutenberg Block

Download or view the plugin below.

Highlight and Share

I updated Highlight and Share to position the highlight popup where appropriate for desktop/mobile. It now works properly on small screens without overlapping. I also added the Cyan theme, which I’m using on this site.

Highlight and Share Cyan Theme

Download or view the plugin below.

Metronet Profile Picture

For those not using Gutenberg, I created a template function that allows you to mimic the Gutenberg plugin using a template tag.

Here’s some sample code:

mt_author_box( $post->post_author, array(
    'theme'              => 'tabbed',
    'profileAvatarShape' => 'round',
    'showWebsite'        => true,
    'website'            => '',
    'showSocialMedia'    => true,
    'socialMediaOptions' => 'brand',
    'socialWordPress'    => '',
    'socialFacebook'     => '',
) );Code language: PHP (php)

Download or view the plugin below.


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Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca

Ronald Huereca

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