Plugin Info Card Updated With New Flex Layout

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Plugin Info Card has been updated with a new Flex layout and some Gutenberg changes and enhancements.

I moved the align button in Gutenberg to the top of the block and only have it enabled for the card layout, which is where it’s only used.

For the new Flex layout, you can align it left, center, right, or make it wide/full-width.

Example Wide Layout

Query Results

And here’s the Flex layout in a 2 column grid using the Query Selector block.

Get the Plugin

Find the plugin details below using the new beautiful Flex layout.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca

Ronald Huereca

Ronald has been part of the WordPress community since 2006, starting off writing and eventually diving into WordPress plugin development and writing tutorials and opinionated pieces.

No stranger to controversy and opinionated takes on tough topics, Ronald writes honestly when he covers a topic.

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Ronald Huereca
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