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Posted by Ronald Huereca / March 10, 2019 /


Mindefusement has been a passion project for me since 2016. I wrote the first chapter in a bar (back when I was still drinking) and decided upon a short story format that will lay out the inner-workings of the company (named Mindefusement) and its clients.

It’s a book about clients wanting something called a torture template, which is what the client wants filmed. The internal workings of the company are included and is a good case study on what a business should or should not do.

The book ended up having 21 chapters and weighs in at about 38,000 words (a short novella).

Thanks to the design work of Kate Burgener, the cover was created and the text was placed. The book is now available on Amazon for purchase.

If you pick up the book, I’d appreciate a review, whether on the book itself, or in the comments below.

You can even purchase a copy on my site here, which includes the PDF of the book, the cover file, and epub and mobi versions. If you use the coupon code subscriber, you’ll get half-off.

A lot of work has been put into Mindefusement, with Pauli Loeffler helping with editing and dissecting all the legal jargon. Wendy Belles and Dan Bruce were also helpful in shaping the context of the book and were early editors. Bobby Sue read the rough draft and provided feedback, and Chanel Lyon helped proofread the book.

Thanks for reading!

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