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Click to Tweet Block
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Inline Highlight Demonstration

Inline Highlight
Inline Highlight

Take a spin for yourself. This is Highlight and Share and I’m trying out inline highlighting. #WordPress #Plugins

For you Coders

Highlight and Share comes with several options out of the box, but you coders can fine-tune it. Some add-ons are planned to be released for this plugin to help with some common scenarios.

Here are some common actions and filters.

//Example filter usage for highlight and share //https://github.com/ronalfy/highlight-and-share /* The following filters take and return booleans (true, false)*/ /* Call WordPress functions __return_false or __return_true */ add_filter( 'has_show_facebook', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable facebook sharing add_filter( 'has_show_twitter', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable twitter sharing add_filter( 'has_load_css', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable plugin's CSS - Use your own add_filter( 'has_enable_content', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable main post content add_filter( 'has_enable_excerpt', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable excerpt content add_filter( 'has_enable_mobile', '__return_true' ); //Disable or enable on mobile devices /* Override the Facebook share text (default is Share) */ add_filter( 'has_facebook_text', 'has_override_facebook_text' ); function has_override_facebook_text( $default ) { return 'Facebook'; } /* Override the Twitter share text (default is Tweet) */ add_filter( 'has_twitter_text', 'has_override_twitter_text' ); function has_override_twitter_text( $default ) { return 'Twitter'; } /* Override the JavaScript classes (assuming jQuery class format with no periods) */ add_filter( 'has_js_classes', 'has_override_js_classes' ); function has_override_js_classes( $content ) { return 'entry-content,type-page,type-post'; } /* Add JS IDs */ add_filter( 'has_js_ids', 'has_override_js_ids' ); function has_override_js_ids( $content = array() ) { if ( !is_array( $content ) ) $content = array(); $new_arr = array( 'content', 'comments' ); $content = array_merge( $content, $new_arr ); return $content; } /* Add JS elements */ add_filter( 'has_js_elements', 'has_override_js_elements' ); function has_override_js_elements( $content = array() ) { if ( !is_array( $content ) ) $content = array(); $new_arr = array( 'blockquote' ); $content = array_merge( $content, $new_arr ); return $content; } /* Override the Twitter username (no @ symbol needed) */ add_filter( 'has_twitter_username', 'has_override_twitter_username' ); function has_override_twitter_username( $username ) { return 'wordpress'; }
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Disable on Front Page

add_action( 'wp', function() { if ( is_front_page() ) { add_filter( 'has_show_facebook', '__return_false' ); add_filter( 'has_show_twitter', '__return_false' ); } } );
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Modify the Content URL

add_filter( 'has_content_url', function( $url, $post_id ) { return 'https://wordpress.org'; }, 10, 2 );
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Modifying jQuery Selectors

//Demonstrates how to select paragraph text only add_filter( 'has_js_selectors', 'hs_custom_selectors', 10, 5 ); function hs_custom_selectors( $selectors, $content = array(), $classes = array(), $ids = array(), $elements = array() ) { //With $content, $classes, $ids, $elements, you can build your own selectors //Or just override $selectors (a string) with your own custom ones return '.has-content-area p, .has-excerpt-area p'; }
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