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The free Reorder Suite for WordPress allows you to Reorder Posts, Reorder Terms, and Reorder by Term. It’s a powerful setup that will allow you to reorder post data as you see fit.

Reorder Posts Base Plugin

The first plugin in the Reorder Suite is Reorder Posts. It allows you to reorder items such as posts, pages, and even other items.

Reorder Posts Video Overview
Reorder Posts Interface

Reordering is as easy as drag and drop.

You can choose which post types to reorder in the Reorder settings, which you can find under the WordPress admin settings area.

Reorder Posts Settings

You can even override the default queries, although this is not recommended. It’s recommended to write your own code.

Reorder the Query

By default, helpful queries are shown for the Reorder section. Here’s an example below.

Reorder Posts Query Helper

You can disable the query helper in the Reorder posts settings.

Options to Hide Queries

Reorder by Term

Reorder by Term is an add-on for Reorder Posts. It allows you to reorder posts by a term. You’ll first want to build term data under Tools->Built Post Term Data.

Building Term Data

Example Use-Case

Say, for example, you have a lot of posts, but you only want to show them by term (category). You can use this plugin to drill down by term and reorder posts within that term and display them.

Reorder Within a Term

There’s even a helpful query to display the items.

Reorder by Term Query Helper

Reorder Terms

After a year in development, Reorder Terms is available as part of the Reorder suite. It simply allows you to reorder your terms and display them on the front-end.

Reorder Terms

Reorder Terms allows you to quickly reorder terms in WordPress.

Reorder Terms with an Intuitive Reordering Interface

The Reorder Suite is Powerful

To recap, the Reorder Suite allows you to:

  • Reorder Posts Types
  • Reorder by Term Within Those Post Types
  • Reorder Terms Within The Post Types

The use-cases with all combined are infinite.

Get the Plugins

Reorder Posts Base Plugin
Reorder by Term Plugin

And it’s all free!

Ronald Huereca

Ronald Huereca is the CEO of MediaRon LLC and enjoys WordPress plugin and theme development.

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