The Featured Post by Category Block

The block allows you to select a post type, taxonomy, and then a term. The block will display the posts under that term.


The Gutenberg block comes with the following features.


Choose a post type, taxonomy, and term to display posts. Sort by date, name, menu order, and more.


Customize the term title, post title, show a featured image, show the excerpt, customize the read more button, and much more!


Display your posts in a single column in a beautiful and elegant layout. This block is built to be placed into Gutenberg columns.

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Add Fonts

The plugin comes with several default fonts. It also supports the Adobe Fonts plugin without any extra programming.

Here's an example of adding more fonts, such as a Google Font.

add_filter( 'ptam_fonts', function( $fonts ) {
    $fonts['open sans'] = 'Open Sans';
    return $fonts;
} );

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