Introducing WP Presenter Pro

How about using a SEO-friendly presentation tool on your WordPress site?

We have a great solution for you.

WP Presenter Pro takes advantage of the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) to build slideshows. Create any amount of blocks you like within the slide block.

With this custom set of blocks, you can change the background color, font, padding, and more. You will no longer have to create slides elsewhere and then embed them on your site.

You have control over the navigation, pagination, and more in the settings of your presentation. No third-party tools are necessary.

List item blocks, text blocks, and vertical slides come with WP Presenter Pro. But it also integrates with Atomic Blocks and CoBlocks.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.3+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Gutenberg Enabled (no Classic Editor)

Recommended Plugins


Video Overview (10 mins)

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Adding Fonts

add_filter( 'wp_presenter_pro_fonts', function( $fonts ) {
	$fonts['arial'] = 'Arial';
	return $fonts;
} );

Adding Supported Blocks

add_filter( 'wp_presenter_pro_allowed_blocks', function( $blocks ) {
	$blocks[] = 'core/paragraph';
	return $blocks;
} );

Adding Scripts and Styles

  1. Use action: wp_presenter_pro_slide_head
  2. Use action: wp_presenter_pro_slide_footer

Changing Post Type Arguments

Use filter: wp_presenter_pro_post_type_args

Changing Taxonomy Arguments

Use filter: wp_presenter_pro_taxonomy_args


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