WP Presenter Pro Documentation

Allows you to create your presentations using Gutenberg.

User the Power of WordPress to Create Your Presentations

Step 1 - Install Advanced Custom Fields

WP Presenter ACF Install
WP Presenter ACF Install

Step 2 - Install WP Presenter Pro

Install WP Presenter
Install WP Presenter

Step 3 - Observe the New Post Type and Taxonomy

Once WP Presenter Pro is installed, you'll find a new Slides post type and presentations taxonomy.

The Presentation taxonomy will allow you to create as many presentations on your site as you deem fit.

WP Presenter Options

Step 4 - Create a New Presentation Category

WP Presenter Pro Presentation Creation

Step 5 - Modify the Presentation Settings

When you edit the presentation, you'll be taken to some options to allow you to fine-tune the slideshow.

WP Presenter Options
WP Presenter Options

Step 6 - Create a Slide

Once a presentation category has been created, you are ready to create your very first slide.

WP Presenter Create Slide

There are Several Slideshow Blocks to Choose From

WP Presenter Blocks

Extend WP Presenter Pro With Block Suites

When You're Done, Just View the Presentation Category

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