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WP Plugin Info Card is the easiest and most beautiful way to showcase themes and plugins

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Inserting a Plugin or Theme is Very Simple

Numerous Features

Insert Your Favorite WorrdPress.org Resource using Gutenberg or Shortcodes

Gutenberg Ready

Just search for Plugin Info Card

Insert a Plugin Info Card block, input the slug, and you’re ready to display.

Highly Configurable Shortcodes

Use a shortcode or a block to insert your favorite plugin or theme

Customize Plugin Info Card with shortcode parameters.

Dashboard Features

Keep track of your plugins and themes right from the WordPress dashboard

The dashboard widget is very easy to set up: you simply add as many plugins and themes as you want in the admin page and they become visible in your dashboard. Fields are added on-the-fly and are sortable via drag-and-drop.

Numerous Themes and Display Options

Choose a color theme and a method to display

Choose between several themes and how you’d like to display the plugin or theme.

Shortcode Parameters

  • type: plugin, theme – (default: plugin)
  • slug: the plugin slug name (can be comma separated)
  • layout: template layout to use – Default is “card” so you may leave this parameter empty. Available layouts are: card, large, flex & wordpress (default: card)
  • scheme: card color scheme: scheme1 through scheme14 (default: default color scheme defined in admin)
  • image: Image URL to override default WP logo (default: empty)
  • align: center, left, right (default: empty). For the flex layout, wide and full are available.
  • containerid: custom div id, may be used for anchor (default: wp-pic-PLUGIN-NAME)
  • margin: custom container margin – eg: “15px 0” (default: empty)
  • clear: clear float before or after the card: before, after (default: empty
  • expiration: cache duration in minutes – numeric format only (default: 720)
  • ajax:  load the plugin data asynchronously with AJAX: yes, no (default: no)
  • multi: If slugs are comma-separated, determine if multiple assets will be shown (default false)
  • custom: value to display: (default: empty)
  • For plugins: url, name, icons, banners, version, author, requires, rating, num_ratings, downloaded, last_updated, download_link
  • For themes: url, name, version, author, screenshot_url, rating, num_ratings, downloaded, last_updated, homepage, download_link

Shortcode Examples

Shortcodes are useful if you are using a Page Builder or prefer not to use the blocks that come with WP Plugin Info Card.

[[wp-pic slug="wp-plugin-info-card"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic type="theme" slug="zerif-lite" align="right" expiration="60" ajax="yes"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic type="theme" slug="zerif-lite" align="right" expiration="60" ajax="yes"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic slug="wordpress-seo" image="http//www.mywebsite/custom-image.jpg" align="right" margin="0 0 0 20px" clear="after" containerid="download-sexion" scheme="scheme1"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic slug="simple-revisions-delete" layout="large" scheme="scheme1" align="right" margin="0 0 0 20px" containerid="download-sexion" ajax="yes"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic slug="simple-revisions-delete,wp-plugin-info-card"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
[[wp-pic slug="wordpress-seo" custom="downloaded" expiration="60"]]Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Card Examples

Single Card Mode

Four Columns Card Layout

Two Columns Flex Layout

Two Column Large Layout

Two Column WordPress Layout

Creating a Custom Layout

The video below demonstrates how to create a custom layout.

9 thoughts on “WP Plugin Info Card”

  1. The WP Info Card plugin is a potentially good plugin, but there’s no useful information on how to use it.

    There needs to be a detail video tutorial with clear examples of how to use the plugin, from beginning to end.

    I see this website https://www.creditcardinsider.com/credit-cards/excellent-credit/, and I suspect they used the plugin to achieve this look. But there’s no example online on how to use it. The literature and 1.5-minute video don’t help at all.

    • That website does not use this plugin. They use something more custom. This plugin is simply for showing WordPress.org plugin/theme cards in your layout.

  2. Hello, I really like your WP plugin info card plugin. I am using and I have translated your plugin into Chinese. If you need it, please contact me! In the background you can see my email address!
    I hide the following from it:

    Added a “)” to
    ‘clear float before or after the card: before, after (default: empty’, ←

  3. Odd Question — Is it possible to modify this plugin to do “Playing Card” flips from front to back? I see page turn options everywhere, but the action you have captured with your plugin is essentially what I am trying to do with card fronts and card backs…


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