Slash Edit WordPress Plugin

Add "/edit" to most frontend items and immediately access the WordPress admin.


The WordPress plugin is extremely simple. Just install, activate, and you're done.


Simply add "/edit" to the end of a URL.

Client Friendly

Send clients pretty links instead of backend URLs.

Admin Bar

If you have hidden the admin bar, this plugin allows easy access to the backend.


This is a convenient way top edit posts and pages, especially if you have the admin bar disabled or don’t like it. The shortcut is easy to remember as well.

I am adding this plugin to every one of my sites!

Thank you!

The idea behind this plugin is genius, and the plugin is very well written.

It even has a filter in just the right place so you can extend it if you have some special needs (e.g. a page is using a template where the main content might not necessarily be the page in the backend).

No overhead for any frills or thrills leading to spills, just a great tool for adding ‘/edit’ at the address bar to go right where you want to go!

I have just added it to all sites.

Many thanks!

Such a great idea! On sites with a lot of content (and no admin bar), this is a real timesaver.

Proof that sometimes the simplest things can make a profound difference.
It’s making its way into every WordPress install I touch.

Thank you!

Quick Overview

Perfect for clients.

Instead of giving them a URL like:

You can give them:

Slash Edit Example
Slash Edit Example

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the plugin?
What can you edit?
Where are the options?
Can I change "edit" to something else?
I need help. Can you help me?

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