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Post Type Archive Mapping

By Ronald Huereca | September 24, 2018
Custom Post Type Mapping

Post Type Archive Mapping allows you to select a page to use as an archive page for your custom post type. This is highly flexible as you can select page templates to use for your archive or even use a page builder to customize the archive page itself.… Continue Reading...

Social Menu Icons

By Ronald Huereca | September 14, 2018

Social Menu Icons allow a user to easily add social icons in a widget area using the menu system.

You can download the plugin here: Social Menu IconsContinue Reading...

Event Tracking for Gravity Forms

By Ronald Huereca | June 24, 2018

Read more documentation at: Event Tracking for Gravity Forms.… Continue Reading...

Elevated Comments

By Ronald Huereca | June 2, 2016

Elevated Comments is a plugin that highlights a relevant comment in your post.

My main priority with this plugin was bug fixes after initial release, and building a Digital Ocean droplet to house our own CommentIQ API.… Continue Reading...

Crowd Control by Postmatic

By Ronald Huereca | September 23, 2015

Code clean-up, documentation, and release support.… Continue Reading...


By Ronald Huereca | September 23, 2015

poch is a new plugin from the creators of Postmatic. The goal: To provide a realtime commenting/chat experience using fully native comments while being compatible with page caching, cdns, mobile, other comment plugins, and seo best practices. A tall order? For sure.… Continue Reading...

Easy Updates Manager

By Ronald Huereca | September 20, 2015

When I took over the plugin, it had roughly 40,000 downloads and 10000+ WordPress installs.

It is now the go-to plugin for managing WordPress updates.… Continue Reading...

Reorder by Term

By Ronald Huereca | February 5, 2015

Out of the box, WordPress does not support the ability to reorder posts within a term. There are other plugins out there that do term ordering, but they usually create custom tables (which require crazy custom queries and filters) and/or add a column or two to core tables, which is not sustainable in the long-term should WordPress core decide to update its schema.… Continue Reading...

Slash Edit

By Ronald Huereca | December 24, 2014

Edit posts, pages, or custom post types by adding a “/edit” to the end of the URL. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in in order to edit the item.

View the project on GitHub.… Continue Reading...

Highlight and Share

By Ronald Huereca | December 24, 2014

A WordPress plugin for highlighting text and sharing it via Twitter.

Sharing selectable text is only possible via Twitter, but an option to share the post via Facebook is also present when highlighting text as a convenience.

View the project on GitHub.… Continue Reading...

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