PluginBuddy S3 URLs

Shortcode Format

This is the Download Link

PluginBuddy S3 Settings

When the plugin is installed, go to Settings->PluginBuddy S3 in your admin dashboard.

Input your AWS Credentials Here

Getting AWS Credentials

Log into AWS and go to your security credentials page.

See My Security Credentials

From there, create a new set and copy the access and secret key somewhere safe.

Generated S3 Key

Place the Code Into the Settings

PluginBuddy S3 Settings Filled Out

Use the Shortcode Above or Use TinyMCE if Using the Classic Editor

If the Classic Editor is installed, you should see an S3 button on top of Tiny MCE.

S3 Settings
S3 Modal

From there you should be able to submit a link from Amazon S3.

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