Custom Post Type Mapping

Post Type Archive Mapping

Post Type Archive Mapping allows you to select a page to use as an archive page for your custom post type. This is highly flexible as you can select page templates to use for your archive or even use a page builder to customize the archive page itself. You can download the plugin here:…

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Social Menu Icons

Social Menu Icons allow a user to easily add social icons in a widget area using the menu system. Social Icons Customizer Settings You can download the plugin here: Social Menu Icons

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poch is a new plugin from the creators of Postmatic. The goal: To provide a realtime commenting/chat experience using fully native comments while being compatible with page caching, cdns, mobile, other comment plugins, and seo best practices. A tall order? For sure. Try it out. Integration I…

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Apartment Locators OK

Home Page Map View Apartment Locators has by far been the most complicated project I've worked on. I spent weeks getting the architecture just right, and getting all of the data in from various CSV files. CMS WordPress Technologies Used WordPress re-write rules Advanced Custom Fields and…

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