New Layout Options in Custom Post Types Block

Posted by Ronald Huereca / May 26, 2019 /

Custom Post Types Block, which also includes archive mapping, has been growing steadily. It currently is installed on 40+ sites, which is snoozable, but it’s growing.

As a result of Paal Joachim Romdahl’s numerous GitHub issues, he has helped improve the Gutenberg block.

Add Border, Padding, and Border Radius

With the latest version .org, you can add a border, padding, and a border radius to your custom posts.

Custom Post Types Block Border, Padding, and Background Options
Border, Padding, and Rounded Settings

Change Background and Text Colors

With the new version, you can change the background and text colors.

Background Options for Custom Post Types Block
Background and Text Color Options

Center the Text

The new version also comes with the option to center, left align, or right align the text. Note, this only works in the Grid format.

Center, left, or right align Custom Post Types Block in Grid format.

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