Instagram Module for Beaver Builder

The Instagram module for Beaver Builder allows you to show off your latest Instagram posts. The module supports a gallery format and masonry format.

See below for a demo.

Card Layout

Crystal and Cassie enjoying my new electric blanket.

Velcro is a very affectionate cat.

Best buds sunbathing in their cat tree.

Cassie chilling on my balcony.

My friend Pauli chillin’ at Chris Logan’s house. #nofilter

Rosie Posie.

Queso Diablo is pretty amazing.

GM Futureliner No. 10

Cassie and Crystal are keeping each other warm on this snow day.

We visited the new concourse and it has a great view.

Masonry Layout


The Instagram module is very flexible. Customize the layout and adjust the background color and padding of the cards. Even customize the buttons!

Instagram Layout Options

Instagram Layout Options

Instagram Typography

Instagram Typography

Instagram Buttons

Instagram Buttons

How to Connect

Simply navigate to the MediaRon Modules setting under your admin area: Settings->MediaRon Modules

From there, connect to Instagram. You'll be asked to authorize the app.

You'll then be redirected back to WordPress


Mediaron for Beaver Builder is priced very low, but more modules will be added over time. As a result, I'm temporarily adding a lifetime option for $22 while the plugin grows. Prices may change to a subscription model as more modules are added, so grab the lifetime option while you can as there is no subscription and you have the price for the life of the plugin.


Unlimited License

$ 0 until April 30, 2019
  • All Modules
  • Lifetime Support
  • Unlimited Sites