Pagination Events With Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms can easily track pagination events with Event Tracking for Gravity Forms.


Step 1: Get your UA code

The first step is finding your Google Analytics UA code.

Once you have it, let’s proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Configure Event Tracking for Gravity Forms Settings

Event Tracking Settings

Event Tracking Settings

Simply log into WordPress, go to Forms->Settings and find the Event Tracking tab.

Enter your UA code and hit Update Settings.

Step 3: Create a Paginated Form

Paginated Form with Gravity Forms

Step 4: Create the Conversion in Google Analytics

  • Event Category: form
  • Event Action: pagination
  • Event Label: {form title}::{source page number}::{current page number}
Pagination Goal in Google Analytics

Pagination Goal in Google Analytics

You can also override the pagination settings per-form by heading to your form settings. Just make sure the goal in analytics matches your changes.

Pagination Settings Per Form

Pagination Settings Per Form

Step 5: Confirm the Goal in Real Time

Pagination Conversion in Google Analytics

Pagination Conversion in Google Analytics

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