Event Tracking for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Event Tracking v2.4.0

Setting up Event Tracking for Gravity Forms is easy and we’re going to show you how.

Event Tracking Screenshot

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Gravity Forms Measurement Protocol Setup

The Measurement Protocol is the default protocol used when setting up Event Tracking. Please see the video below for how to set that up.

Step 1: Get your UA code

The first step is finding your Google Analytics UA code.

Once you have it, let’s proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Create a Google Analytics Goal

Gravity Forms Goole Analytics
Google Analytics Admin

Go to your Google Analytics admin tab (shown above) and find your Goals. You’ll want to create a new event based goal as shown in the picture below.

Google Analytics New Goal
Google Analytics New Goal

Once you have created your new goal, it’s now time to fill out the event parameters to complete the conversion. In this example, we’re using the event category called Forms and event action called Submission (you’ll see later you can name these whatever you like).

Google Analytics Goal Creation
Google Analytics Goal Creation

Step 3: Configure Gravity Forms Event Tracking Settings

Simply log into WordPress, go to Forms->Settings and find the Event Tracking tab.

Enter your UA code and hit Update Settings.

Step 4: Create a Feed

Gravity Forms Submission Feed
Gravity Forms Submission Feed
Gravity Forms Add Event Tracking Feed
Gravity Forms Add Event Tracking Feed

Once you add a feed, you’ll be presented with a configurable list of options.

Gravity Forms Feed Settings
Gravity Forms Feed Settings

You can leave the defaults, or configure custom events. It doesn’t matter as long as they match your Google Analytics Goals.

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